VW Northvolt team up to form European Battery Union Roadshow

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VW announced this week that it has partnered up with Swedish company Northvolt to create what the automaker calls the European Battery Union. The EBU from raw materials to recycling. The goal here is to create sustainable VW stated in its press release. for funding battery research and development including work on solid state battery tech thats still in its nascent phase. Young people get this referring to recent rallies in cities around the world that drew hundreds of thousands of students calling for leaders to tackle climate change. Some countries had proposed that leaders agree an ambitious long term strategy by 2020 striving for climate neutrality by 2050 in line with the Paris accords climate warming goal. Tusk said he would push the deadline to May 22 but only if the U. Parliament approves a withdrawal agreement next week. U without a Brexit deal most experts predict that it would be an unprecedented act of economic self harm for the country. No personal information in posts or comments

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