Wed be out of the European Union already if MPs worked for what their voters want

europe union


ALL four of the latest alternatives to Theresa Mays Brexit deal have been rejected by MPs including the Remainers much trumpeted suggestion of a second referendum. I have a duty to deliver that whatever I think personally about the deal. british prime minister theresa may will ask the european union for an extension to the brexit deadline to break the logjam in parliament. The Prime Minister says she wants to meet Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to agree on a plan on the future relationship with the EU the BBC reported on Tuesday. But she insisted her withdrawal agreement which was voted down last week would remain part of the deal. In a Letter of Formal Notice the EU accused the government of undermining the judicial independence of Polish judges by not offering necessary guarantees to protect them from political control. The letter marks the start of infringement proceedings by the European Commission launched when a member state is deemed to have breached community law

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