Incredible Photo Explains Climbers Queuing To Reach Mount Everest Summit

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Arun Treks told The Kathmandu Post that heavy traffic at the summit had delayed her descent and caused her death. The number of climbers has skyrocketed in recent years due to the competition between expedition organisers which caused costs to plummet NDTV reported. The death of at least two climbers on Mount Everest has been blamed on large crowds that have left people queuing in the mountains death zone. Mount Everest became so crowded that climbers were stuck in the deadly death zone for hours a development that expedition companies blamed for two deaths this week. Expedition companies blamed the death of two climbers on this congestion which has also been criticized by climbers. There are only a certain number of days where conditions are good enough for climbers can summit Mount Everest. But just a few hours later Cash died from the effects of the altitude near the Hillary Step vertical rock face on the southeast ridge. Cash died on one of the busiest days ever on the mountain as huge queues of climbers formed near the summit. Hillary Step is a near vertical rock face located on the southeast ridge of Mount Everest in the Himalayas. A huge queue of climbers has formed near the summit of Mount Everest as expedition organisers Thursday reported two more deaths on the worlds highest mountain

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