Mount Everest Traffic Jam Sparks Concerns Of Added Risk For Climbers

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Indian climber Anjali Kulkarni her son Shantanu Kulkarni told CNN. and released by climber nirmal purjas project possible expedition shows heavy traffic of mountain climbers lining up to stand at the summit of mount everest. Danduraj Ghimire calling such claims baseless. An Irish man died of exhaustion while descending the worlds highest peak. The congestion was reportedly caused by the deaths of two climbers who fell ill on descent American Don Cash and Indian woman Anjali Kulkarni 54. Heres To The Mothers Law Who Treat Us Like One Of Their Own. Permits are distributed lottery style and the rising numbers of climbers and bottlenecks have led to requests that the number of permits be limited by authorities. But climbers certainly wont stop attempting to summit

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