With Two Ascents In A Weekkami Rita Sherpa Scales Mteverest For Record 24 Times

everest scale


Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh greeted the policemen for their achievement. Subrahmanyam and state DGP Dilbag Singh have congratulated selection grade constables Nazir Ahmed and Falial Singh for successfully scaling the Mount Everest. Four people from the state have scaled the Mount Everest in the past. Sonam Paljor and Hero Wangyal from Leh district scaled the Worlds highest peak during an army expedition in the past. just in a week after breaking his own record for most summits on mt everest kami rita sherpa has yet again stood atop the worlds highest mountain this morning. Kami Rita reaches the top of Mt Everest guiding Indian team he added. Kami Rita has already climbed most of the peaks above 8 Lhoste and Annapurna among others. The climbers have now been descending to the lower camps safely Sherpa said adding that Kami Rita wanted to climb Mt Everest for at least 25 times. A Sherpa mountaineer has extended his record for successful climbs of Mount Everest with his 24th ascent of the worlds highest peak. His father was among the first Sherpa guides employed to help climbers reach the summit and Rita followed in his footsteps

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