Michael Cohen Says He Might Have More Evidence if Lawmakers Can Keep Him Out of Prison

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They said if Cohen he wont be able to finish reviewing the material. New York prosecutors previously advocated for a tough sentence saying the crimes were serious and that the help Cohen had provided to ongoing investigations wasnt as valuable or as complete as Cohen had claimed. The lawyers said Cohen recently gained access to files seized in a raid on his offices last year Politico reports. According to the memo Ivanka Trump was also aware that Cohen had given false testimony. But didnt a Special Master review those files when SDNY had them to see what was privileged and what wasnt?At any rate Cohen is asking Congress to get the SDNY prosecutors to delay his prison term while he sifts through the files. He has done so despite intense personal pressures and stresses he faces for himself and his family. Its just hard to believe there are things in those files that federal prosecutors have already seen that will help all that much. What they dont mention is that Cohen told Congress under oath that Trump did not direct him to lie. We also know that Cohen did not tell investigators that Trump told him to lie. Instead of Buzzfeeds reporting being vindicated all this shows is that their original source was likely Lanny Davis

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