Rep Khanna Congress wants to see actual evidence that Mueller compiled

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Do not think you can bury this report Rep. Do not think you can bury the evidence in secret by briefing eight people in Congress and say we have discharged our responsibility. Jordan said Democrats had said Mueller was the right person to conduct the investigation. house judiciary committee chairman jerrold nadler. However he argued that its different in the case of a sitting president since DOJ regulations stipulate a sitting president cant be indicted. Asked if the attorney general may view department regulations differently Nadler doubled down on his argument and suggested that the underlying information is required for Congress to conduct its oversight role properly. Nadler added that his committee will use subpoenas if necessary to secure the underlying information behind the report. congress wants to see actual evidence that mueller compiled 05. Washington A summary of the long awaited Mueller report found no evidence of collusion with Russia. They agree the full report needs to be released publicly and both Robert Mueller and Attorney General Barr should testify publicly under oath before Congress

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