Why Did Brett Kavanaugh Change His Mind About the Rights of Religious Minorities in the Execution Chamber

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On Thursday night because the state refused to let a Buddhist spiritual adviser accompany him in the execution chamber. Both men wanted a spiritual adviser present when the state was due to execute them. And there are no Buddhist spiritual advisers who work for the prison. Moreover Murphy waited more than two weeks to file a lawsuit. The Supreme Court on Thursday delayed the execution of Texas inmate Patrick Murphy. The Supreme Court ruled 7 2 last night to grant a stay of execution to a man scheduled to be put to death in Texas. Despite not having been directly involved in the murder various courts have refused to grant him a stay of execution. But inmates of other religious denominationsfor example Buddhist inmates such as Murphywho want their religious adviser to be present can have the religious adviser present only in the viewing room and not in the execution room itself for their executions. The state could let religious advisers of all faiths in the execution chamber or confine them to the viewing room. the nations highest court blocked the execution of patrick murphy about two hours after he could have been executed

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