TEPCO Executives Found Not Guilty Of Negligence In 2011 Fukushima Meltdown

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The three former TEPCO executives are the first individuals to face criminal charges for the Fukushima nuclear disaster but a high bar for proof may prevent a conviction. Indictments brought by the panels have a low conviction rate. One review of eight of these cases by the Eiko Sogo Law Office found just one compared with an overall rate of 98 percent in Japan. In the much anticipated verdict a Tokyo court found all three men not guilty of professional negligence resulting in death and injury. Dozens of protesters had gathered outside the Tokyo court ahead of the ruling. The accident led to a complete shutdown of all nuclear reactors in the country. ASSOCIATED PRESS Ex TEPCO chairman Tsunehisa Katsumata was also found not guilty of causing the deaths of 44 elderly patients. Defense attorneys for the TEPCO executives told the court that the tsunami projection was not well established. The company has said it could have been more proactive with safety measures but that it could not anticipate the massive tsunami that crippled the plant

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