Official Executive Order Not Needed To Ban Huawei In US 5G Networks

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Therefore no evidence to prove that Ms. Meng committed acts of any wrongdoing exists Howes said. Howes also said the actions directed in part by the FBI led to serious and repeated violations of Mengs rights under the charter. Howes also said double criminality is a core principle of the Canada U. extradition treaty and Canadian extradition law and Mengs arrest violated this principle. After Mengs arrest two Canadians were detained by Beijing and Chinese state media has said they face allegations of spying. Meng has been under house arrest since mid dollar Vancouver homes. Attorney Scott Fenton referred to Trump during a court appearance by Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. Mengs lawyers will also look for a stay in the proceedings by saying she was searched and interrogated before being told she was under arrest. Huawei spokesman Benjamin Howes said outside court that Mengs rights were violated

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