Tech War Propaganda British Mps Grill Huawei Executive Compare Company To Nazi Collaborators

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British lawmakers grilled a Huawei executive on the companys defense practices in a hearing on Monday as the U. K debates what role the Chinese tech giant will play in building out 5G networks around the world. is debating whether or not to allow Huawei to supply software and equipment for next generation 5G wifi networks. Asked about the law by British members of parliament on Monday a claim questioned by many security experts. Huawei products are already used in existing wireless networks across the U. Suffolks comments were described as extraordinary by committee members while Conservative MP Julian Lewis labeled the Huawei executive as a moral vacuum. When pressed by UK MPs Suffolk denied Huawei was obligated to work with Chinese intelligence services under the countrys national security laws. We have looked at all of the Chinese laws we have taken on board professors in Chinese laws. and there is no requirement on us or any other company to undertake what youre suggesting he said. The Wests war against Chinese tech giant Huawei was stepped up to absurd levels on Monday as British MPs compared the telecoms manufacturer to the German company which sold lethal gas to the Nazis for use in concentration camps

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