Opioid Executive John Kapoor Found Guilty In Landmark Bribery Case

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ETA jury in Boston has found one defendants guilty of a racketeering conspiracy. The federal government accused Kapoor and his co defendants of running a nationwide bribery scheme. Kapoor is among the highest ranking pharmaceutical executives to face trial amid a national opioid epidemic. A jury has found John Kapoor Reuters reports. this trial was a high profile affair that many people viewed as a referendum on big pharmas role in the national opioid crisis. Other major makers of painkillers also are facing potential trials. Evidence presented in court showed that sales representatives had to justify low doses to their boss within 24 hours. Not only did Subsys cost more at higher doses but patients were also more likely to become dependent on the highly addictive medication. Alec Burlakoff has pleaded guilty to one count of racketeering conspiracy. Two other former executives and testified against their onetime colleagues

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