A Friends Executive Producer Said The Only Thing That Could Bring The Show Back Is Greed

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Top Boys A list producer Drake has expressed his gratitude to the shows original cast and crew thanking them for allowing him to be part of the revival. Speaking at the premiere in Hackney the Canadian hitmaker was full of praise for everyone who works on the show. The two men will be seen returning to their old stomping ground where Dushane tries to reclaim his position in the drug market. but one show synonymous with the 90s and still remarkably popular is also the most unlikely of 90s classics to get a reboot. According to a piece in the New York Times only greed could get the show back on the air for another season. Its like winning the lottery and then buying more tickets Friends executive producer David Crane told the Times. We set out to make a show about people in their 20s a Friends executive producer. President Donald Trumps friend Chris Ruddy reported The Daily Beast. He is one of the greatest producers in television and were glad to have him assist us in building out our programming as we reach over 70 million cable homes

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