One Of Credit Suisses Top Executives Has Quit Over A Spying Scandal

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A consultant who helped Credit Suisse Group AG hire investigators to trail the banks former wealth management chief died in an apparent suicide last week a lawyer in Switzerland said Monday night. The consultant according to Zurich lawyer Thomas Fingerhuth. According to people familiar with the matter UBS Group AG. Boue was worried that Khan posed a risk to the interests of Credit Suisse and the fact that he continued to socialize with key employees added to his concerns Credit Suisse said. Neither the surveillance operation Credit Suisse said. Boue will be replaced by James Walker a senior executive at Credit Suisses finance division. Shortly after that Mr Khan announced his departure from Credit Suisse. Severe reputational damageQuestions were raised over who within Credit Suisse instigated the operation to have Mr Khan followed and who was aware of it. ing iqbal khan an internal investigation found. An internal investigation by law firm Homburger on behalf of the Credit Suisse board found Boue acted alone in ordering the surveillance of Khan

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