How Trump and Barr could stretch claims of executive privilege and grand jury secrecy

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Attorney General William Barrs letter to Congress purports to brief lawmakers about the Mueller report. voluntary witnesses can be interviewed by the fbi and prosecutors without the unnecessary trappings of the grand jury. Over 90 percent of the time record the witness and documentary information. The EMP threat has been a hotly debated point while others believe it to be a conspiracy theory. The threat of an EMP attack against the US reportedly drove the president to issue Tuesdays order. We need to reduce the uncertainty in this space and mitigate potential impact of an EMP attack one senior administration official said. Others have said that the EMP threat is a conspiracy. The text of Trumps executive order reflected on the potentially debilitating nature of a possible EMP attack and emphasized the governments duty to address this threat. Tuesdays executive order doesnt constitute the first time that the Trump administration has indicated that it considers the EMP threat a security priority. As federal agencies begin to take action on Trumps executive order it remains to be seen how scientists and security experts will respond

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