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Senior administration officials told reporters during a call Tuesday that the order will direct federal agencies to coordinate in assessing the threats that EMPs pose and find ways to prevent their impact. An EMP is a burst ofelectromagnetic energy that can be caused by a nuclear weapon or solar storms. Todays executive order is one more example of how the administration is keeping its promise to always be vigilant against present dangers and future threats she said. President Trump will always do what it takes to keep Americans safe. A power grid failure could result in long term loss of life should it go on for a period of time. There are ways to prepare yourself and your family for the potential of a power grid failure. Bush which remains under wraps at his discretion. It is not clear why Mr Mueller refrained from ruling on the evidence against Mr Trump on this issue. Whatever they intended he and Mr Barr have combined to damage Mr Trump while clearing him. That is not to imply Mr Mueller considered Mr Trump guilty of obstruction

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