Anti Vaxxers Storm Albany In Hopes Of Saving Religious Exemptions For Vaccines

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Maines Senate on Tuesday voted to end a religious exemption to vaccines for students becoming the latest state in the country to address growing concerns over low vaccination rates. We are pushing religious people out of our great state said state Sen. And we will also be closing the door on religious people who may consider making Maine their home. Opponents of vaccinations staged a protest at the New York state capitol on Tuesday. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would eliminate religious exemptions for vaccinations but protestors are trying to kill the bill. Most of the measles cases in New York have occurred in Orthodox Jewish communities where an illustrated magazine known as the PEACH pamphlet has been circulating. The pamphlets cover says it is a project of parents educating and advocating for childrens health or PEACH. The statement affirmed that students are barred from the Catholic schools unless they are immunized or can provide a valid exemption from the rule. A medical exemption from the rule must be confirmed by a physician it read. There are many parents who refuse vaccines on religious grounds because of the vaccines connection to the abortion industry

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