WHO Suggests Exercise Not Vitamins To Help Prevent Dementia

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Taking better care of ourselves could be the best long term strategy to tackling the growing problem of dementia according to a new report. A huge review of existing evidence found age was the strongest risk factor but dementia was not an inevitable consequence of ageing. About 50 million people currently have dementia and Alzheimers disease is the most common type. Although age is the top risk factor it says. People should be looking for these nutrients through food not through supplements Carrillo agreed. Theres not enough evidence to recommend antidepressants to reduce dementia risk although they may be used to treat depression the report says. Hearing aids also may not reduce dementia risk but older people should be screened for hearing loss and treated accordingly. People should exercise more the World Health Organization said today. The WHO stopped short of saying dementia risk could be reduced by better social interactions hearing aids for those going deaf or the treatment of depression. little hard evidence is available that modifying environmental factors modify the risk for dementia strongly

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