Exercise Labels The Next Frontier In Food Packaging

exercise label


It shows not only a foods calorie count but also how many minutes of physical activity are needed to burn off the energy in those calories. obesity rates would start going downward. Study detailsDaley and her colleagues searched the scientific literature for previous studies that had examined the effectiveness of PACE labeling. The results were even stronger when PACE labeling was compared to no labeling alone. although we recognise the importance of reducing obesity labelling food in this way risks being incredibly triggering for those suffering from or vulnerable to eating disorders. We know that many people with eating disorders struggle with excessive exercising so being told exactly how much exercise it would take to burn off particular foods risks exacerbating their symptoms. That said it is unlikely that the exercise equivaelent system is the answer. In this instance the potential for harm is likely to outweigh the potential for good. would you change your grocery list if a food label said walk an hour to burn off the calories in this product?thats the idea behind a new push to include food labeling that describes the amount of exercise needed to burn off calories consumed the researchers behind a new study said. Labeling food with how much exercise is needed to burn off its calorie content could help combat obesity researchers say

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