Kansas Senate Democrat urges colleagues to force vote on Medicaid expansion Kansas is close to passing with a right winger legislature and Dem Governor

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Wagle told a group of Washburn University law students she expected Medicaid expansion to be adopted by the 2020 Kansas Legislature. Laura Kelly endorsed Medicaid expansion while a state senator and as governor. Hensley said 36 states and the District of Columbia had chosen to expand Medicaid while Kansas Republicans blocked expansion of Medicaid. Expanding Medicaid could provide services to populations that may previously have had limited access to OUD treatment. We thus sought to understand trends over time in OUD diagnosis and treatment especially with medications. The growing use of medication treatment for OUD in the West Virginia Medicaid expansion population provides an opportunity to reduce overdose deaths. The Trump administration has been eager to let states tailor Medicaid to their preferences including adding work requirements. But a federal judge recently said HHS was wrong when it approved work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky. This material may not be published rewritten or redistributed. Work requirements result in people being booted from Medicaid and lower overall enrollment

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