Medicaid Expansion Backers In Kansas May Hold Budget Hostage

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Laura Kelly answers questions about Medicaid expansion during an interview with The Associated Press in her Statehouse office in Topeka Kansas. Legislators reconvened Wednesday after an annual spring break and the state Senate rejected an effort by its top Democrat to expedite an expansion debate. Medicaid expansion is one of new Democratic Gov. Legislation to advance the Obamacare Medicaid expansion in Kansas failed by a single vote Wednesday likely killing the bill until the next legislative session. After Wednesdays vote Kelly said that Denning was impeding the state from enacting a measure a majority of Kansans want. The Republican controlled state legislature voted to advance the bill but it was vetoed by Republican Gov. The GOP leaders on Wednesday also said they planned to drop Evers proposal to borrow $40 million to replace lead pipes. Over the last eight years the committee leaders said. Also on the chopping block is Evers proposal to change how big box retailers are assessed. Tony Evers budget will survive the GOP Legislature?Coupled with Evers increase in the gas tax the administration contends

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