Utah is ready to flip the switch on Medicaid expansion next week despite not yet getting a federal waiver

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Utah is days away from Mondays scheduled partial expansion of Medicaid despite the state not having yet received permission from the federal government to move forward with its plans. Both the short term Utah Medicaid programs impose work requirements on beneficiaries or Obamacare. But Hudachko said state administrators will not enforce work requirements during the initial stage of expansion. Recent court rulings establish a precedent for challenging work requirements unprecedented elements of Utahs plan. Utahs new program will extend benefits to adults with incomes below the federal poverty line. Legal aid groups in Kentucky Arkansas and New Hampshire have sued to stop those states Medicaid overhauls. Utah for now is relying on existing Medicaid funding to cover individuals up to the federal poverty line. Republican lawmakers said they had to scale back the program to control costs but advocates said the change undermined the vote and reduced access to needed health care. Those not covered under lawmakers partial expansion can still buy heavily subsidized insurance on the federal health care marketplace. 69 a bushel; while May soybeans was down 5

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