Many Womens 1st Sexual Experience Was Forced Which Is Rape Study

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The authors found numerous differences between the women who said their first sexual experience was voluntary and those who were forced or coerced. Women who reported forced sexual initiation were also more likely to have experienced negative outcomes later in life. The women who said they were forced to have sexual intercourse were more likely to have experienced an unwanted pregnancy than women whose first experience was voluntary. While this new study does not include data on the types of psychological impacts on the women who endured forced first sexual intercourse sexual violence and victimization often result in serious harm to mental and emotional health. 3 million women in that age group their first sexual experience was rape. This is one of the few studies to look at the prevalence of rape as ones first sexual experience at the national level in the United States. 3 million nationwide said that their first sexual experience was rape. Because every week thousands of women are experiencing rape as their first sexual experience. The findings suggest that clinicians should be screening women for sexual violence and asking them about their first sexual experience she says. women was forced or coerced intercourse in their early teens a study suggests

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