Tesla says investigating car explosion in Shanghai

explosion tesla


Tesla did not confirm the car model but social media identified it as Model S. After learning about the incident in Shanghai according to a translation of a Tesla statement posted on Chinese social media platform Weibo. Previous incidents involving Tesla vehicles catching on fire seem to have happened while the cars were moving. Smoke billows from beneath a parked Model S in Shanghai before flames appear and the vehicle appears to explode. While our customer had time to safely exit the car we are working to understand the cause of the fire. his companys most recent vehicle recently received a perfect five star safety rating from the us national highway safety administration. Tesla has also suggested in a recent blog post that the Model 3 achieves the lowest probability of injury of any vehicle ever tested by NHTSA that the car was the safest car ever built. The auto maker was sued earlier this year by the parents of a Florida teen who died when his Model S crashed. the big question is how big is the quarterly loss for tesla?and

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