More British Complicity Exposed In Latest CIA Torture Unredacted Report

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This article is made up of a very brief set of extracts from the just released CIA Torture Unredacted report. Information about CIA torture programme prisoners had to be prised out of the US militarys unwilling bureaucracy. When Patrick Crusius walked into the El Paso Walmart and opened fire he believed he had cause to do so. media_camera Patrick Crusius is believed to have authored the manifesto titled The Inconvenient Truth which was published on 8chan. media_camera People gather in Juarez Saturday in a vigil for the 3 Mexican nationals who were killed in an El Paso shopping complex shooting. The first myth of management is that it exists. The second myth of management is that success equals skill. Now but act in a manner that is clearly not in keeping with biblical values. Additionally and all human beings are fallible. Despite the misconceptions Christian evangelizing is one of the most compassionate activities in which a human being can engage

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