Brexit summit EU expected to grant UK extension with strings attached

extension summit


The EUs 28 leaders are heading to Brussels for an emergency summit dedicated to Brexit. will be granted a longer according to an invitation letter sent to EU leaders by European Council President Donald Tusk on Tuesday. I believe we should also discuss an alternative longer extension. A draft EU document circulated to diplomats ahead of the emergency meeting of EU leaders proposes an extension but leaves the date blank. EU leaders will consider giving Theresa May a Brexit extension until the end of the year at a crunch summit in Brussels on Wednesday that could delay Britains departure from the bloc until after Christmas. Finally there would be a risk of an accidental no deal Brexit. We want to understand what the UK needs this extension for and what is the political surroundings to have this extension. Most important is that the UK makes clear what solution they will offer to avoid a hard Brexit. Labour MP Matthew Pennycook first slammed the governments handling of Brexit saying it should be mortified to ask for a second extension. May has already pledged to step down as party leader and prime minister on the proviso that MPs pass her EU deal

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