Brexit EU draws up own plan after Theresa Mays unconvincing extension plea

extension theresa


Though there are differing views in EU capitals about a delay throughout Brexit talks member states have however so far stuck close to the European Commissions line. But it would be conditional on a positive vote on the Withdrawal Agreement in the House of Commons. If that vote is passed the extension will give the House time to consider the withdrawal agreement Bill. Mrs Mays nuclear ultimatum caused astonishment and uproar across the Commons. EU leaders were locked in talks late last night over the length of the extension with Mrs May left to dine alone as they carved up Britains future without her. Unions and business leaders have warned Theresa May about a looming national emergency as Britain edges closer to a no deal Brexit. Tory Brexiteers were also bolstered by the belief that a short delay made a no deal Brexit more likely. As leaders arrived at the Brussels summit EU leaders had stark words of warning for the PM. French President Emmanuel Macron said it was heading for no deal should MPs reject Mrs Mays plan again. The House of Commons is split over whether and how to leave the EU

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