UK Prime Minister Theresa May Meets EU Leaders in Bid to Secure Brexit Extension

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Britains partners in the 28 nation European Union say they want clarity from May about what she will do to break the Brexit logjam if another delay is granted. If they refuse the deadline set a few weeks ago by the EU. We have the question what role Britain wants to play if such an extension is granted she said. Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said that officials in other EU countries will want to encourage the Conservative Labour talks in London. Some 97 Tories voted against the motion to seek a delay in a move forced on the Government by Labours Yvette Cooper. The elections pose a substantial stumbling block because Britain would be expected to take part so its people have representation in the European Parliament. Officials worry the legitimacy of European institutions could be jeopardized if the population of a member state is not involved in the process. Theresa May is set to enrage her critics within the Conservative party after setting herself up to stay on as prime minister until the winter while presiding over a long delay to Brexit. Its time for us to bite the bullet and say we have to make a change. She will do what she thinks is the right thing for the country

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