EUs Tusk Proposes to Offer UK 12 Month Flexible Extension to Brexit Date BBC

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european council president donald tusk delivers a speech during a debate on the outcome of the latest european summit on brexit . And even if this were not possible then the UK would still have enough time to rethink its Brexit strategy. The plan was that the British would explain what they wanted from the EU Rutte told a weekly press conference. a letter was sent today which doesnt answer this request. We hope London will provide more clarity before Wednesday German foreign minister Heiki Mass added that many questions remained about Mrs Mays plan. If a long extension leaves us stuck in the EU we should be as difficult as possible he tweeted. we could veto any increase in the budget obstruct the putative eu army and block. The development came as EU sources said European Council President Donald Tusk was preparing to offer the UK a year long flexible extension to Brexit. David Lidington Business Secretary Greg Clark and Theresa Mays chief of staff Gavin Barwell. Arriving for the talks in Whitehall shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir confirmed that a confirmatory referendum was among the ideas on the table for discussion

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