As UN Climate Chief Urges Immediate Action To Save Planet Extinction Rebellions New Book Gets Rushed To Press

extinction rebellion


Protesters blocked access to the London Stock Exchange on what organizers said was the final day of action in the British capitalEnvironmental activist group Extinction Rebellion blocked the entrance to the London Stock Exchange Thursday as climate change protests continued in the British capital. The protesters glued themselves across the front and back entrances of the London Stock Exchange wearing masks and armbands bearing the Extinction Rebellion symbol. Extinction Rebellion said in a statement that the protests would end with a closing ceremony in Hyde Park at 6 p. Sorry we couldnt find a match for that please try again. zero emissions by 2025hitting zero carbon emissions by 2025 represents a huge challenge. zero emissions by 2025the uk is nowhere near hitting zero emissions by 2045 never mind 2025. Words like extinction crisis and breakdown are now part of everyday conversations when discussing the environmental threat. On the final day of action climbed on a train and glued themselves together in Londons financial district. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said the protests had been a huge challenge for our over resourced Metropolitan Police

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