Extinction Rebellion protests Dramatic pictures show scores of police officers marching in line to Parliament Square to remove eco warriors

extinction rebellion


Thousands of people have taken part in Extinction Rebellion protests. Q&A What is Extinction Rebellion?Show Hide Extinction Rebellion is an international protest group that uses non violent civil disobedience to campaign on environmental issues. In London lending credence to persistent rumours that the Metropolitan polices holding cells were reaching capacity. Scores of high vis clad Met Police officers walked in a huge procession to go and demand that the Extinction Rebellion protesters move on. the police are moving in on westminster and seem to have shut the roads down themselves. Peaceful protest has a long rich history in Parliament Square. There have been mass arrests at both Waterloo Bridge and Oxford Circus. Similar mass police action appeared to be happening on Waterloo Bridge as well on Wednesday evening. we would obviously look to go on for two weeks and if we can go on longer then even better. The first estimate of the financial impact of the so called climate rebellion came as activists targeted Londons rail network

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