Elizabeth Warren Wants to Break Up Amazon Facebook and Google Experts Say That Won t Be Easy

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Elizabeth Warren released an aggressive plan on Friday to target the power of Silicon Valley by breaking up some of Americas biggest tech companies. Second again referencing high profile companies such as Facebook and Instagram. Todays big tech companies have too much power too much power over our economy and our democracy. These two concerns dont necessarily cover the issues raised by big tech companies operating on the internet in. The presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren announced on Friday she wants to bust up giants like Facebook Google and Amazon. Some of the robber barons of the first Gilded Age were generous philanthropists as are those of today. In this new Gilded Age we need to respond as forcefully as we did the first time around. Apart from announcing the full schedule the EC said that the social media campaigns of political parties and candidates will be closely monitored by them. Analysis US presidential contender Elizabeth Warren has vowed that if elected she would break up Amazon accusing the internet giants of abusing their market power. Todays big tech companies have too much power Senator Warren

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