Facebook Google Amazon and Apple were once again being cast as monopolies that have become too powerful for societys good a recurring theme thats increasing the pressure to rein them in

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Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren last week proposed breaking up the biggest U. tech companies saying they have too much market and political power. European Union authorities also have faced down big tech companies. Drawing up a code of conduct to lay out acceptable behavior for tech companies in their relationships with users. The AMA said this was especially troubling at a time when vaccine preventable diseases like measles are on the rise in the US posing a threat to public health. The letter comes as companies face mounting pressure from lawmakers activists and health experts to prevent anti vax misinformation from going viral. None of the companies addressed in the letter immediately responded to requests for comment on the AMAs letter. We also urge you to make public your plans to ensure that users have access to accurate scientifically sound information on vaccines. The overwhelming scientific evidence shows that vaccines are among the most effective and safest interventions to both prevent individual illness and protect public health. Thank you for your attention to this critical public health matter

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