10 Failed Levees in Midwest Flood Not Inspected by Federal Government

flood midwest


The Mississippi River at Hastings is forecast to rise to major flood stage this week. That much rain would certainly send river levels higher creating problems for homes behind levees that were weakened in the initial flooding. FLOOD FLOWThis weeks storm system could also bring rain to the Mississippi River basin and exacerbate problems there. But so far most of the flooding along the Mississippi hasnt created major issues National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Hladik said. The Missouri River has flooded much of Nebraska between Omaha and Kansas City at the Missouri state line. Betty Hamernik died in her home near Columbus after becoming trapped by rising floodwaters from the Loup River. The Missouri Rivers overflowing banks have cut off roads leading to the Cooper nuclear plant forcing operators to fly in staff and supplies by helicopter. Water also covered one third of that states Offutt Air Force Base home to the U. There could be issues across portions of Nebraska and Kansas for the next seven days NWS meteorologist Jim Hayes said. but the libbies trust the govt to manage their healthcare after all what can possibly go wrong

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