Communities assess damage from catastrophic Midwest flooding

flood midwest


RELATED Historic flooding kills 3 as more rain approaches MidwestTo prepare for the flood Nelson said. The same storm systems that created the Nebraska flooding did so in Iowa. KansasLike Missouri Kansas communities also are seeing increased flooding as the waters roll down the Missouri River. 4 billion in damage and at least $3 billion across the Midwest. 6 billion in damage pushing the total costs from the Midwest flooding to at least $3 billion. Rainfall and some snowmelt spurred flooding blamed in three deaths so far with two men in Nebraska missing for more than a week. Thousands were forced from their homes in Nebraska Iowa and Missouri. As temperatures start to warm sending more water down the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their tributaries. James Startzell of the Army Corps of Engineers is urging those who live near rivers to keep a wary eye. It took every dime of money our family had to put the land back into production at the level it was

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