Farmers in the Midwest Face Decades of Recovery as Flooding Strips Away Crucial Soil

flood midwest


That number could easily rise the longer floodwaters cut farmers off from fields and prevent spring plantings. It unleashed a blizzard in western Nebraska but the eastern portion of the state saw rain and lots of it. Thats become very destructive to this whole system and put a lot of stress on these surfaces. Its not even just the top layer of soil thats being ripped up and washed away. Where the floodwaters have receded huge blocks of soil have been gouged away. The record setting floods deluging the Midwest are about to get a lot worse. The rains and floods are expected to continue through May and become more dire Alabama. Its not looking like we are going to see any dry stretches anytime soon director of the water prediction center at the National Weather Service. LEARN MORE The WIRED Guide to Climate ChangeThis winters big snowpack is fueling the floods. the following comes from a usa today article entitled it looked like an ocean

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