Record flooding is devastating the Midwest and could saddle Nebraskas farmers with nearly 1 billion of damage

flood nebraska


Farmers will face hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage according to experts. Record flooding has devastated farmers across the Midwest hitting them hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage to crops and livestock at a time when some are already struggling to make ends meet. Nebraska has been bearing the brunt of the pain so far with officials estimating $450 million worth of crops could be compromised from delayed or prevented planting. Also according to the Nebraska Farm Bureau. There is no end to flooding in sight and risks arent limited to the Midwest. 4Every candidate on the ballot and what they stand for. It just sat there a dark contrast on a wet and muddy field. Curious untangled it from the soggy brush and realized it was a fridge. It was one of those days and a bright spot in a crappy day Simpson said. They opened the fridge and cracked open a couple of beers

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