Nebraska flooding describes again how extreme weather can threaten national security

flood weather


Catastrophic flooding in Nebraska has wiped out roads and national security. This kind of extreme flooding threatens military readiness and CEO of The Center for Climate and Security. Offutt is the latest in a string of military installations to be hit by extreme weather Weather. Its likely that climate change is playing a major role in that increase she says. Thousands of people are being forced to leave their homes after a so called bomb cyclone brought flooding to huge swathes of the American midwest. From Nebraska to Kansas residents have been evacuated amid flooding that has killed at least three people. Downstream on the Missouri River people were told to expect the river to reach record levels. Historic flooding continues across the plains and midwest this week with many rivers at major flood stage the NWS said. Unfortunately a change in the seasons is not going to be enough to restore our weather patterns to normal. I listened to the scientists that were warning us that our sun is exhibiting very unusual behavior and that global weather patterns are changing dramatically

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