VIDEO Giant Alligator Strolls Down Florida Street

florida alligator


Chelsea Brinson recorded the big reptile walking along road as traffic drove by. This big guy was king of road on this day. Florida residents may be no stranger to the odd alligator sighting the hungry and horny reptiles are turning up in the strangest of places. Alligators are also currently in the beginning days of their mating season. Heavy traffic didnt seem to phase one alligator in Fort Myers last week. Local Chelsea Brinson was quick to capture footage of a massive gator crossing a busy intersection near McGregor Boulevard last Friday. HUGE ALLIGATOR CAMPING OUT ON FLORIDA RESIDENTS BACK PORCH PROMPTS CALL FOR POLICE BACKUPI got to it just as it was getting on the sidewalk she described to the Miami Herald. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission dispatched a trapper to the scene and deputies helped load the gator into their pickup truck. There were no injuries to Walmart shoppers or the alligator deputies said. Experts say the gators are browsing around looking for food because its warm

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