Two Florida Teens Who Got Stranded In The Middle Of The Ocean Were Rescued By Boat Named The Amen

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Two Florida teenagers who got stranded in the ocean for two hours and cried out to God for help were miraculously rescued by a boat named The Amen. The teens ended up stranded in the middle of the ocean two miles off the shore fighting the waves for two hours. Just bring something adding his leg started to cramp just moments before a boat came to their rescue. Captain Eric Wagner found the two screaming for help in the water. Eric Wagner for your action and compassion!. Smith and Brown were swimming off of Vilano Beach near St. Tyler tells Fox 35 that he and Heather fought the waves for two hours becoming weak and tired. It seemed their prayers were answered when Captain Eric Wagner and his crew found them. Wagner and his crew were sailing the 53 foot yacht from Delray Beach wind and choppy waves. They were about 2 miles off shore so Wagner didnt believe his ears at first

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