Ron DeSantis seeks free speech policy allowing controversial speakers at Florida universities

florida desantis


According to the governors office all the states other colleges and universities plan to adopt the Chicago statement. There cant be a safe space in the business world. Experts in campus free speech emphasized that the Chicago statement doesnt have teeth though it can be a positive first step in affirming institutions commitment to free speech regardless of the speechs content. Having a conversation about free speech alone. without discussing the tensions that exist can inflame other issues like racism and hateful speech on campus Friedman said. florida lawmakers want stronger college free speech rules amid first amendment flareupsgov. no free speech zones tighter rules on teachers unions and no more usf st. Florida has mandatory retirement ages for its state Supreme Court justices. He named three justices and changed the Supreme Court for a generation Parkinson said. It was one of the more liberal state supreme courts in the nation

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