Robert Kraft and Others Ask to Have Evidence Suppressed in Florida Case

florida kraft


Each defendant would also have to provide a statement detailing what happened in the Orchids of Asia massage parlor room. All defendants charged with solicitation in the Orchids of Asia investigation were charged with one count of soliciting except Kraft who was charged with two counts. The Orchids of Asia Day Spa where Kraft allegedly paid for services was one of multiple spas involved in the police investigation. He denied a Wall Street Journal report that described the plea offer as an unusual deal because it would require an admission of guilt if the case went to trial. Upon completion of the program misdemeanor soliciting prostitution charges would be dropped. His team then won the Super Bowl in Atlanta the Patriots sixth NFL championship under his ownership. Court papers say many of the workers at the massage parlors targeted in the investigation were forced to live at the spas and were not allowed to leave without an escort. Mike Edmonson community service and an admission they would be found guilty should their case go to a trial. In the filing and therefore should remain confidential. In asking the court to suppress the evidence which could be embarrassing

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