Florida jury unanimously recommends death sentence at new hearing for man convicted in brutal killing of teen

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The panel made its recommendation Tuesday for now old Michael Bargo Marion County court records show. Bargo was convicted of first 2 jury recommendation. Jacksons remains gallon paint buckets and hidden according to Marion County Sheriffs Office records. but a sharp divide over who exactly the amendment was aimed at has become one of the. Theyve likened House and Senate proposals to Jim Crow era policies aimed at keeping black voters from casting their ballots. In this case lawmakers are trying to exclude low income felons from the automatic rights restoration process. Meade and others called the Senate proposal a step in the right direction but they remained opposed to the bill because of the requirement of full repayment of restitution. Ron DeSantis announced on Tuesday that his first international trip in office will be to Israel in May. I promised to be the most pro Israel governor in America said the Republican governor. A Florida clemency board has denied an early prison release for a man known as White Boy Rick once one of the FBIs youngest informants and the subject of a recent Hollywood movie

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