Florida mom accused of killing her two year old son claims his ghost comforts her in jail

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Joel Benjamin was arrested according to Pinellas County records. Gulfport police arrived Saturday night at the residence of Joel Benjamin after a 50 old woman reported that he fired urine at herself and her dog. Benjamin admitted to authorities that he indeed fired the urine filled water gun at her Daily Mail reported. A high school student was arrested Monday after he was filmed fighting a fake alligator in a Florida mall. A Florida man has admitted to burying his overdosed friend in his back yard and he made the confession during interviews with Orlando area TV stations outside his home showing one reporter exactly where the body was buried. I feel horrible Palermo told the reporter. Deputies identified the buried man as 27 old Brandon Boone. They had a canopy outside and they were just digging holes. Palermo said the hole in which he buried his friend was 9 feet deep FOX 35 reports. A woman reportedly broke her back and her foot when she jumped into the water to rescue a boy who was struggling against a rip current in Florida on Saturday

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