Underwear clad Florida man tries to break into elderly womans car then meets her baseball bat police

florida lori


A half pound Florida man allegedly tried to break into an elderly Gainesville womans car Sunday morning in his boxers before ending up on the business end of her baseball bat. Local law enforcement say that 5 old Clarese Gainey early Sunday morning. When she saw that she says she took a stand against the alleged burglar. I took that bat and hit him upside the head like Piyah!. The Republican 44 largely along party lines for the bill which now moves to the Senate where a similar bill is pending. Florida now only requires that parents be notified that their child is seeking an abortion. The Supreme Court of Florida has already ruled on this exact point said Democratic Rep. The bill also increases penalties for health practitioners who violate current law requiring that an infant born alive during an abortion must be cared for and taken to a hospital. Orange County Sheriffs Office officials said Sunday that a body was found in Greg Palermos back yard. Palermo said his friend died of a heroin overdose in his home

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