Florida bill to legalize recreational marijuana gets no hearing no vote

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Carlos Guillermo Smiths bill to allow recreational marijuana in Florida is dead but the Orlando Democrat hopes it moved the conversation forward on legalizing pot. But the bill did not get a hearing along with the growing strength of the medical marijuana industry as a whole. The bill would require paid petition gatherers to be Florida residents and that ballot initiatives include a financial impact statement and state the percentage of financial backing coming from Florida residents. A Florida Senate committee passed a bill Monday to require a parents consent before an underage girl can have an abortion. This year Massachusetts and Rhode Island are considering pro abortion bills to end their parental involvement laws. Florida residents who abandon their pets while evacuating during a natural disaster are now subject to fines upwards of $5 animal cruelty charges and possible jail time. leaving pets behind can place rescue teams in dangerous situations to recover animals while diverting resources from other urgent rescue missions

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