Handmaids Protest Kavanaugh Fedsoc Event Play Blasey Ford Speech On Jumbotron

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Roughly a year after his confirmation to the Supreme Court D. thrown by the Federalist Society the group of right wing lawyers who have agitated for an ideological takeover of the federal courts. The event was dedicated to the late conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. Christine Blasey Fords testimony outside a Washington D. In his first speech since being seated on the Supreme Court playing Blasey Fords testimony. Ford!I believe Anita Hill! right in the faces of Federalist Society members as theyre stuck waiting in line for their gala to start. Because the Federalist Societys hand picked for SCOTUS the attendees were greeted with the blaring testimony of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as they entered the gala courtesy of We Demand Justice. By blasting the Federalist Societys black tie attendees with Dr. Ford sacrificed her life as she knew it to speak out

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