The Latest Bells across France toll to commemorate fire

france bell


acknowledging what the french bishops conference described as a shock that affects far beyond just the catholics of our country. On Tuesday while countries including Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina lit up famous landmarks with the French tricolor. uk prime minister theresa may said the move to ring the bells of westminster underlined our solidarity with france and her people adding that on maundy thursday. Bells tolled across France Wednesday marking the moment flames began demolishing parts of Notre Dame Cathedral. The focus is now on rebuilding the Paris cathedral and finding the cause of the inferno that ravaged one of the worlds most iconic landmarks. Notre Dame is badly damaged by Mondays fire but still standing. President Emmanuel Macron wants to repair Notre Dame in five years when Paris hosts the Olympics. has pledged to contribute $5 million to aid in the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral after Mondays fire. President Donald Trump says he had a wonderful conversation with Pope Francis on Wednesday two days after a fire ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra plans to donate the proceeds of an upcoming concert in Berlin to the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral

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