Kamala Harris slams Mike Pences ridiculous and outrageous views on women and sexual minorities

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ORourke proved to be a fundraising power house during his failed Texas Senate campaign. While Harris didnt pick a side she made her feelings about the vice president abundantly clear. I disagree with him when he suggests its not possible to have meetings with women alone by himself she went on. The idea that you would deny a professional woman the opportunity to have a meeting with the vice president of the United States is outrageous. so i have many points of disagreement with the vice president. Ultimately she wants this quietly effective program to go from federal to state and local level and command a much larger $65 million yearly budget. Founded under Obamas tenure after the Healthcare. Harriss Digital Service Act would do is extend the program to the state with a fixed budget it would distribute to individual short term projects. Governments would report on their progress at the end of the two year period and the US Digital Service would report to Congress biannually on the impact

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