Sen Kamala Harris responds to pointed question on race in America

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Kamala Harris said Thursday that Americans have not had honest discussions about race and that it is in our collective best interest to have those conversations in response to a question about racial divides in the United States. I am embarrassed at what I see with a lot of the southerners and a lot of the members of our Congress Oliver said. For too long for too long we have not had these honest discussions about race. You can look at textbooks in public schools that have erased so much of the history who identifies as black. She cited the recent passage of an anti authored and a speech she gave about the legislation as an example of how she is contributing to the conversations about race that Oliver asked about. Hes a native Angeleno and previously covered crime and courts for the Press Telegram in Long Beach CA. He studied journalism and Spanish literature at the University of California Irvine. During her tour through South Carolina Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris told a group that we can change human behaviors. a pol who wants to control human behavior

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